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What’s the Chamber all about

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If you’re a business owner big or small you may be wondering why you should try to cram more into your already chaotic schedule.  A membership to your local chamber of commerce offers not only networking opportunities but keeps you a part of the ever-changing trends and activity within your community.

Here are just a few reasons to join the Brewster Chamber of Commerce, which is run by individuals like you, who are invested in the community we all work in.

1.   You’re building new relationships.  The chamber isn’t only about networking, it gives you an opportunity to interact and work with individuals outside your normal business or routine.  The networking opportunities allow you to build your business with the community at large, it expands your network of people who know all about what your business does.

2.   Increase your visibility in your community.  Your membership to the chamber comes with many perks you might not even be aware of! Events and specials listed in the chamber newsletter, on social media, on community calendars and the opportunity to be highlighted at other events.

3.   Obtain customer referrals. The chamber provides a resource to the community at large providing referrals to individuals and businesses and chamber members typically endorse fellow members. Even if the people you meet don’t need your services world of mouth is a powerful tool.

As a Chamber member continuing to utilize the chamber to continuously spread the word about your business is extremely helpful!

1.   Attend Chamber Events. We know how busy your schedule is but showing up even a few times a year is a wonderful way to get your name out there and to meet other members.  Also, events aren’t only open to business owners so feel free to send staff and co-workers to your place. Get to know the Executive Director and Board of Directors; they are here to help your business grow.

2.   Interact with us on Social Media. We can only promote what we know about, so tag us in your posts, and share your pictures and flyers.  We’re active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and if you tag us in a photo or post we will definitely help spread the news.

3.   Reach Out. If there is an area of your business, you need support with us let us help or make a connection for you.  Maybe you’re looking for some creative marketing ideas or want to form partnerships with other business professionals in town.

“Local love and support are what comes to mind when I think of the Brewster Chamber of Commerce. Schech’s has been a long time member and I have been an active member of the Chamber for about 4 years. Through the Chamber, I have met so many wonderful people that are fellow local business people, and many have become friends. This is a group of people who understand and support one another. We shop at each other’s businesses and we support each other in milestones and achievements. We recommend each other because we all know how important it is to support and shop locally. Brewster Chamber has made these relationships possible by bringing the Brewster business community together. Special thanks to Rose who is a friend, a mentor, and someone who pushes me to always strive for more!” Kate Corsitto, Schech’s Pool Spa and Patio 

The Brewster Chamber of Commerce has made me feel welcome and relevant in the last fifteen years as a member and business person. I’ve always felt that the Chamber dinner meetings foster an engaging unpretentious atmosphere. My business will always be part of this great organization. Gene Gold, Pearle Vision

Want to learn more? Here’s some food for thought: Research indicates that chamber membership inspires business-to-business commerce in the local community. Other businesses in town are more likely to do business with you and your company if you are a member of the local chamber. Visit the Brewster Chamber online at  or email [email protected]

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