Meet Jeni Howe, the founder and owner of Baby Botanica, as well as a professional doula and childbirth educator.  Jeni recognized the need for a center that fosters community by serving all kinds of growing and evolving families, and a space where the care professionals serving these families could connect with and learn from one another.
Jeni Howe has long understood that new parents are hungry for information about pregnancy, birth, and raising healthy, happy children. Jeni imagined Baby Botanica as a place where classes, services, workshops and groups could all be found under one roof, and set about bringing it into the world. The model is based on the “it takes a village” philosophy, and Baby Botanica feels like a beautiful, cozy home where a village can gather.

Realizing that not only parents needed a space like Baby Botanica but that care professionals also needed a place to deliver their therapeutic services, Jeni established Baby Botanica for co-operative care professionals and visiting care professionals to have room to connect, collaborate, and share wisdom and experience. For more about Jeni’s vision and how Baby Botanica came to be, read her blog post about the journey to Baby Botanica’s Grand Opening here. To learn more about Jeni’s professional services, visit her page in our directory and service offerings.