Untitled 3 07Apto Media is a creative agency based in New York that helps brands build their business foundations, reach their ideal clients, and learn how to grow through branding and marketing services.
These services include:
  • Brand Strategy: The reason and messaging behind your business. Developing a brand strategy includes creating a mission statement, tagline, competitive analysis, target audience strategy, and design assets.
  • Logo Design: This includes designing and creating a logo that reflects your business and makes you stand out against your competition.
  • Website Design: We help create a strategic website that reflects your business, showcases your services/products, and turns potential customers into real ones.
  • Marketing Strategy: Let’s create a marketing strategy that actually works and reaches your customers. A full analysis of your business, designed for you to have an effective strategy that grows your business.
Interested in learning more? Book a 45-minute Discovery Call with Anneliese Gartner, CEO & founder of Apto Media.
Email: [email protected] (yes .co not .com)