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Certified & Licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control (NWCO)

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Profession Wildlife Removal & Animal Exclusion

Humanely resolve issues between residents and wildlife. Residential, Commercial & Municipal. Certified and skilled wildlife control expert who knows the various humane methods to identify and remove wildlife from your property, and prevent it from re-entering.

NY Wildlife Control owner, Fred Manger, knows the rules, regulations, and best practices when it comes to dealing with wildlife, including but not limited to beaver damage control, coyote exclusion, raccoons, etc… Fred is Hudson Valley’s best-kept secret for humane wildlife control!

Call: (914) 494-6253
Email: [email protected]
Frederick Manger, Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator

  • Wildlife Management Instructor
  • Certified DEC Sportsman Education Instructor
  • Trained in Cornell Cooperative Extension “Best Management Practices”
  • Supporter of South Salem Wolf Conservancy

DEC Instructor that practices what he preaches! See his interview on “Locally Sourced” HERE.

NY Wildlife office

Above: A day in the “office”. Below: Flying squirrels removed from a residential loft.

flying squirrels